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10.1" Interactive Whiteboard

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Winmate Digital Writing Pad integrates 10.1” LCD display with writing pad technology, which is a bundle solution for teaching environment. You can instantly present, through second display, what you just wrote on the digital writing board.

You can easily make marks and comments on digital files which enable you to interact with your students as well as improve your teaching quality, renewing the traditional teach methods. Furthermore, the compact and slim design is only 1.5 thick, decreasing the load of your hand holding the writing pad.



▪Intuitive Operation

WDifferent from other products in the market, Winmate Digital Writing Pad is embedded with 10.1” widescreen display that is user friendly and requires no practice before operating.

▪Slight and Compact Design

1.5cm Ultra-slim design allows you to work directly on the Digital Writing Pad, easy as writing on a paper.

▪Ergonomic Design

Taking the place of traditional mouse, the writing stylus efficiently reduces injuries caused by using mouse constantly. Through the second display you can also show the content simultaneously while you are teaching and writing.


The functions of Zoom in/out are built in on the touch pad and 4 hot tabs where you can set a short cut for any functions according to your specific demands.

Winmate Interactive White Board integrates 10.1” LCD display with writing pad technology, which is a bundle solution for teaching environment.

10.1" compact interactive whiteboard

W10T200-HWH1NX (by project, MOQ require)

  • Professional Edition
  • With professional NXBoard software
  • 4 hotkeys
  • Intuitive Operation

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Other Size & Modles are as follows

Srno.ModleScreen Size (diagonal)
110.1" compact interactive whiteboard W10T200-HWH1
(by project, MOQ require)
2 10.1" wireless interactive whiteboard W10T200-HWH1WHNX
(by project, MOQ require)
3 10.1" wireless interactive whiteboard W10T200-HWH1WH
(by project, MOQ require)

Introduction Video       

Winmate 10.1" compact interactive whiteboard in sport

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