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Portable Data Recorders: Dash® 8HF-HS


  • 8 channels of isolated inputs
  • Capture continuously to 250 GB hard drive at 2 MHz sample rate per channel
  • 200 kHz bandwidth per channel
  • Removable, lockable system and data capture drives (compatible with AstroDock accessory)
  • GBit Ethernet, USB 2.0 for exporting data to your PC
  • Link ports for synchronizing data capture between systems
  • Pre and post capture filtering
  • Compact, portable design

Click Here to download Dash MX brochure PDF

The Dash 8HF-HS is a powerful, compact and portable data acquisition recorder engineered specifically for capturing high frequency data and transient signals. It provides isolated inputs with sample rates up to 2 MHz and a bandwidth of 200 KHz per channel. The Dash 8HF-HS is the ideal system to give you an accurate record of your high speed data.

High-Speed Data Acquisition

The Dash 8HF-HS offers intelligent, versatile data capture. Eight isolated analog inputs and eight event inputs can be streamed directly to a removable 250 GByte hard drive. Sample rates can be varied from 2 MHz per channel to 100 Hz per channel. You can even capture trend data at slower sample rates while embedding higher sample rate scope capture at the same time!

Dash 8HF-HS

Isolated Inputs

A wide variety of voltages can be measured by the Dash 8HF-HS. From 100 mVFS to 800 VFS (0V offset for 800 VFS range), the Dash 8HF-HS accommodates most of the popular recording parameters. Channel-to-channel isolation means you will never have to worry about cross-talk and signal interference again. Each channel input can be independently configured.

PC Connected to the AstroDock

AstroDock Accessory

The AstroDock is a two-drive docking station that accepts the removable hard drives from any Dash HF-HS (high security) series recorder. The AstroDock connects to your PC via USB 2.0 and provides immediate review capability as well as direct transfer of data capture files to your computer.

Simply remove the 250 GByte capture drive from your Dash 8HF-HS recorder, plug it into the AstroDock and begin reviewing the data on your PC……all in seconds. Insert a new capture drive in your Dash HF-HS recorder and continue to record data while you review and archive on your PC. Working with large data files has never been this fast and easy!

Dash 8HF-HS and AstroDock

Large 15" Touch-Screen Display

The Dash 8HF-HS has a large 15" color display which allows you to view your data in real-time and post capture. Operation of the Dash 8HF-HS is quick and easy with the intuitive touch-screen display. Familiar Windows® icons and menus provide for straightforward setup and operation. There are no switches, push-buttons or other controls -complete operation is from the touch-screen. And, you can easily customize it to fit your exact needs. This means less setup time and more time for gathering data.

PC Interface

In today's environment, it is essential that your test equipment talk to your PC. The Dash 8HF-HS's GBit Ethernet port, USB interface, and off-line software make it easier than ever to do this. From setting the system up through your PC to uploading captured data from the hard drive, the Dash 8HF-HS seamlessly integrates with your computer. Best of all, the Dash 8HF-HS comes standard with PC-based review software, making it easier than ever to review data.

Secure Your Data

Each Dash 8HF-HS recorder includes removable system and data capture drives – perfect for streamlining data transfer or securing classified data. Use the AstroDock to review and transfer large data files from the removable drives to your PC quickly and efficiently.

Rugged Enough For Any Environment

Test equipment is only useful if it will survive your most harsh environments. With its rugged case and compact design, the Dash 8HF-HS can handle almost any condition you give it. Whether you need to gather data in a steel mill, vehicle, power plant or in the comfort of your own office, the Dash 8HF-HS is the data acquisition recorder for the job.

Optional Strip Chart Recorder

An optional strip chart recorder is available for real-time or post-capture strip chart output. It provides hard copy output wherever and whenever you need it. Take it to the field for on-location printing of vital data, or leave it at the lab to print out certain parts of your test when you return.

Additional Dash 8HF-HS Accessories (including SCR-8 Strip Chart recorder)

Color Display
Type Active matrix color LCD (TFT)
Viewing Area 15.0 inch (38.1 cm) (diagonal)
Resolution 1024 x 768
Touch Full screen, resistive
A/D Modules
Maximum Waveforms 8
Event Inputs 8
User Engineering Units yes
Calibration Semi-automated to external reference
Pre and Post-capture Filter Advanced low pass, high pass, band pass and bandstop filtering
Isolated Input Module
Connector Guarded banana jack
Bandwidth 200 kHz  4 pole Bessel
Max Rated Input ± 250 Vrms or DC
Max Transient Input ± 800 V
Isolation 250 Vrms, channel to channel, channel to chassis
Specified Ranges 100 mVFS to 800 VFS
(0 V offset for 800 VFS range)
Attenuator Ranges 1, 10, 50, 200 and 400 V
Accuracy (25°C) ± 0.07% of attenuator
Intrinsic Noise (pk-pk) <0.2% of attenuator + 0.05% of span
Min Input Impedance 1 Megohm
Frequency Counter Yes, on channels 1 & 5
Frequency Accuracy ± 0.005% of measurement
Operational Modes Scope, Review, Realtime (strip-chart)
Recording Method Internal ATA disk drive, removable
Maximum Sample Rate 2,000,000 samples/second per channel
Minimum Sample Rate 100 samples/second per channel
Total Capacity Over 100 billion samples
Maximum Record Up to the drive capacity (250 GByte)
Data Stored Raw (unfiltered) data saved to the drive
Time Stamp Time and Date automatically saved with data
Header Information on units, range, sample rates, etc., saved with data
Data Filtering Post capture filtering changes can be made
Events Stored with data
Trigger Point Amount of pre- and post-trigger data is user adjustable
Auto Re-Arm Automatic stacking of captures
Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT
VGA For displaying data on external monitor
Link Ports For synchronizing data capture for multiple systems
USB 2.0 For connecting external hard drives, Flash Drives, etc.
Input Voltage Range 100 to 250 VAC
Frequency Range 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Power Factor 0.99
Enclosure Aluminum, with armored endcaps
Dimensions 12.1" H x 16.0" W x 6.6" D (30.8 cm x 40.64
cm x 16.84 cm) (not including handle)
Weight 22.5 lbs. (10.21 kg)
Operating Temp 5 to 40°C (40 to 105°F)
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% non condensing
Safety EN 61010-1:2001, UL 61010A-1, CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92
EMC FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A, EN 61326
Power Harmonics IEC1000-3-2

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