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Portable Data Recorders: Dash MX


Click Here to download Dash MX brochure PDF

Data Acquisition
When and where you need it!

In today's demanding workplace, many test equipment decisions must be based on a combination of factors including performance, ease of use and value. That is why Astro-Med designed the Dash MX—a new advanced portable data acquisition recorder. It is smaller, lighter and more powerful than any other product we have produced in our 40 year history.

Do you need to record for days, weeks, or even months? We can do it. Need high sample rates up to 200 KHz or higher? We can do it. Need something under 20 pounds so you can grab and go to your job quickly? The Dash MX is under 20 pounds.

We designed the Dash MX with you in mind. Take a look at this impressive list of features:

  • 8–16 Channels
  • Sample rates up to 1 MHz
  • Dedicated 160 GByte data capture hard drive
  • 12" color touch screen user interface
  • Easy to set up & use
  • Pre- & post-trigger capability
  • Low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop, RMS filtering
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Weight: 20 pounds

With the built-in viewing screen, you can see your data now, not later. No need to attach a computer to see the data or control the recorder. See everything real time, make your decisions now and get on with your next task. With our new LookBack feature you can even review data from the first part of the record without interrupting your present recording. Amazing!

Want the best news? You won't believe the low price. Contact us for pricing or a quotation.


Dash MX Signal Modules

Each Dash MX series recorder comes complete with 4 input modules for 8 channels of recording. One part number and one price will get you a complete package. The Dash MX includes MX-1 modules for voltages up to 250 VRMS. The Dash MX-H with MX-2 modules is designed for high voltage applications for measuring 10 V to 600 VRMS. Additional optional modules are available. You can purchase and swap additional modules yourself. They include:

• MX-1   Standard Voltage module—2 channels measures up to 250 VRMS
• MX-2   High Voltage module—2 channels measures up to 600 VRMS
• MX-3   Non-isolated Differential module—4 channels measures up to 50 VFS
• MX-4   Universal Input module—1 channel of isolated Single-Ended Voltage,
               Differential voltage/Bridge, Thermocouple/RTD
• MX-5   Isolated DC Bridge module—2 channels 5 mVFS to 4 VFS
• MX-6   Isolated Thermocouple module—3 thermocouple channels and 1 RTD


Data Capture

Dash MX includes a 160 GByte hard drive dedicated for data capture and storage. A second on-board drive stores the operating program so data can never be corrupted. Up to 4 sample rates can be selected for each capture. This allows you to manage file sizes by assigning higher sample rates to critical channels and lower sample rates to trending signals. The large circular buffer provides plenty of pre-triggering capability. Window, level, slew and waveform pattern triggering allows you to set up trigger conditions precisely for your application, while logical AND and OR triggering ensures that you only trigger on events that are important to you.

A new feature called Variable Sample Rate allows you to set a trending capture rate, then based on a trigger, jump to a higher sample rate to capture glitches and spikes.

Derived Channel Capability

Advanced derived channel technology in the Dash MX enables real-time mathematics on-the-fly with no processing latency. Want to pass data through an equation to see calculated values? Create these derived channels from the 8 basic signal inputs and display them as additional channels. There are many built-in math functions to choose from including, +, -, x, ÷, √, Exponential, Sin, Cos, Tan, Absolute Value, Integration, Differentiation.

Channels can also be set up to display signals in Engineering units of your choice, allowing data to be monitored in familiar terms (e.g., PSI instead of volts).

Meter Package

A built-in meter package allows you to see real-time data in a visual format in addition to the waveform display. Choose from gauge, numeric readout, horizontal or vertical bar, needle and LED readouts. Place them anywhere on the screen and size them for your needs.

Scope Mode

Scope mode acts like a digital storage oscilloscope, providing high time-base resolution for viewing high-frequency signals. Scope mode is useful for timing and synchronization analysis, transient capture, and high-speed testing. It can be used while continuously capturing data and monitoring signals on the display.

Cursor Measurements

Placing cursors on the touch screen allows quick measurements of Time, Sample Point, Average, Min/Max & Peak-Peak Slope, RMS, Sum, Sum of Squares, Variance, Standard Deviation & Area.

Dash MX Real-time Monitor

Real-time Monitor

Provides real-time scrolling display of waveform data. Scroll speeds can vary from 1 mm/min up to 50 mm/sec. A scope mode is also provided for viewing signals in O-scope format. Add meters for graphical representation of analog signals.

Analysis Functions

In real-time, choose from Cursors, Derived Channels, Meters, and XYY plot. In review, choose from Channel Meters, Derived Channels, XYY plot, Signals Transforms, Zoom window (shown below), Advanced Search, Note Viewer, Add Note, and Scope Viewer.

Dash MX Analysis Functions and Channel Information

Channel Information

Drop down cursors and the Dash MX will make your measurements for you. Choose from Average, Peak-to-Peak, Min/Max, Slope, RMS, Sum, Sum of Squares, Variance, Standard Deviation & Area.

Dash MX Touch-screen Interface

Touch-screen Interface

A touch-screen interface makes data recording quick and easy. From changing settings to making data measurements, it's as simple as pointing your finger and touching! The interface is completely customizable, allowing you to design and save control panels as well as all other settings in your global files to meet individual test needs.

Dash MX Channel Settings

Easy to use Setup Menus

An intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to set up your Dash MX including data capture parameters as shown above. Setup menus are large and easy to understand. Create one-touch buttons for any menu item and add them to your control panel.


How did we put all of this into one small portable data recorder? Simple—our customers told us what they wanted and we listened. They said build a lightweight and powerful recording device in one small package at a reasonable price and we did. Our goal is to provide you everything you need in one box so you can record, store, review and transfer data files easily. There is even a built-in battery if power is not available where you need to record data.

The Dash MX was designed with your industry in mind:

  Metal mills
  Oil / NDT
  Pulp & Paper

The Dash MX is ideally suited for:

  R & D testing
  Drive system troubleshooting
  Power system monitoring & analysis
  Relay and control signal timing
  Environmental testing
  Rod drop testing
  Process sequencing & timing
  Rail car maintenance
  Vehicle testing
  Battery testing
  Uninterruptable power system testing
...And more!

why buy from astro-med

Astro-Med is a vibrant and financially sound company that has been in the data recording business for over 40 years and is still going strong. We have many patented technologies and continue to produce visionary new products such as the Dash MX.

Our excellent 24/7 customer service is highly rated in the Test and Measurement industry. We listen to our customers and they appreciate it.


Dash MX

8-channel system with isolated voltage input amplifiers (includes 4 MX-1 modules)
Part Number 42370100

Dash MX-H

8-channel system with isolated high voltage input amplifiers (includes 4 MX-2 modules)
Part Number 42370200


Maximum Analog Modules 4
Event Inputs (TTL) 8
IRIG Time Codes A, B, & E (standard)
Derived Channels +, -, x, ÷, √, Exponential, Sin, Cos, Tan, Absolute Value,     
Integration, Differentiation
Counters Frequency Counter, Event Counter, Quadrature Event
Counter, Duty Cycle, Pulse Width, and Period Detector
(module dependent)                           

Data Acquisition Recording

Operational Modes Scope, Review, Real-time
Recording Method Internal 160 GByte Disk Drive
Sample Rates 200,000 samples/second/channel
1,000,000 samples/second/channel with Universal Module
Time Stamp Time and date automatically saved with data
Trigger Point Amount of pre and post trigger is user adjustable 0-100%
Auto Re-arm Allows automatic stacking of captures
Filtering Low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop, RMS

Color Display

Type Active matrix color LCD (TFT)
Viewing Area 12.1" (30.73 cm) diagonal
Resolution 1024 x 768
Touch Full screen, resistive


Operating Temp 32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
Operating Humidity 10 % to 90 % non condensing
Shock MIL-STD-810F Method 516.5, Procedure I
Vibration MIL-STD-810F Method 514.5, Procedure I


Enclosure ABS Plastic with armored end caps
Dimensions 13.3" (33.78 cm) x 12" (30.48 cm) x 5.3" (13.46 cm)
Weight (with 4 modules) 20 lbs (9.1 kg)


Ethernet 1000BaseT
VGA For displaying data on an external monitor
USB 2.0 (4 ports/unit) For external peripherals and file export

System Power

Input Voltage Range 100 to 264 VAC or 24 VDC
Frequency Range 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Battery Internal rechargeable battery (30 minutes of operation)
Power Consumption 180 W maximum


(Optional Modules may be ordered in addition to the modules in the base systems)


Model Part Number 32880010
Channels (per module) 2
Bandwidth 40 kHz
Isolation 250 VRMS or DC, Cat II
Input type Isolated, DC coupled
A/D Converter 16-bit
Connector Guarded banana jack
Measurement Range 1 V to 250 VRMS full scale
Maximum Sample Rate 200 kHz per channel


Model Part Number 32880020
Channels (per module) 2
Bandwidth 40 kHz
Isolation 600 VRMS or 1000 VDC, Cat III
A/D Converter 16-bit
Connector Guarded banana jack
Measurement Range 50 V to 600 VRMS full scale
Maximum Sample Rate 200 kHz per channel


Model Part Number 32880030
Channels (per module) 4
Bandwidth 40 kHz
A/D Converter 16-bit
Connector 25 pin D-sub male connector
Measurement Range 80 mVFS to 50 VFS
Maximum Sample Rate 200 kHz


Model Part Number 32880040
Channels (per module) 1 (Isolated Single-Ended Voltage,
Differential Voltage/Bridge, Thermocouple/RTD)
Bandwidth 200 kHz (voltage)
Isolation 250 VRMS or DC, Cat II
Thermocouple Types J, K, E, T, N, B, R, S
RTD Pt 100
A/D Converter 16-bit
Connectors Guarded banana jack, Screw terminal header,
Type U miniature thermocouple
Measurement Range 50 mV to 250 VRMS (Isolated, Single Ended)
20 mV to 2 VFS (Non-isolated, differential)
Maximum Sample Rate 1 MHz per channel


Model Part Number 32880050
Channels (per module) 2
Bandwidth 40 kHz
Isolation 250 VRMS or DC, Cat II
Excitation Voltage- up to 10 VDC
Current- up to 100 mA
A/D Converter 16-bit
Connector Screw terminal header
Measurement Range 10 mVFS to 2 VFS
Maximum Sample Rate 200 kHz per channel


Model Part Number 32880060
Channels (per module) 4- including 3 Thermocouple channels and 1 RTD channel
Bandwidth 2.5 Hz update rate
Isolation 250 VRMS or DC, Cat II
Thermocouple Types J, K, E, T, N, B, R, S
RTD Type Pt 100
A/D Converter 24-bit
Connector Type U miniature thermocouple, screw terminal header
Measurement Range J -210 to 1200 °C, K -200 to 1372 °C,
E -200 to 1000 °C, T -200 to 400 °C,
N -200 to 1300 °C, B 600 to 1820 °C,
R -20 to 1768 °C, S -20 to 1768 °C


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