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Speciality Gases


MMSPL Gases will be the Quality Standard to which all companies in our industry aspire. We will achieve this goal by exceeding the present needs of our customers and by anticipating their future requirements. In our industry, MMSPL will be recognized as the best supplier of Specialty Gases and related Equipment, because we will continuously implement improvements through Leadership and Teamwork. Being the best is not static. To Quality by striving toward Excellence in everything we do.


Every cylinder of calibration gas produced by our environmental division is manufactured gravimetrically utilized NIST traceable weight and is individually analyzed.


EPA protocol Gas standards are manufactured according to the environment protection agency (EPA) Document EPA Traceability Protocol for Assay and certification of Gaseous Calibration Standards.

EPA Protocol Gases are directly traceable to the U.S.A. National institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) via the use of NIST Standard Reference Materials or equivalents as calibration reference gases during manufacture. Stability is guaranteed for full period allowed by the protocol and Certificate of Analysis are provided according to the protocol guidelines.

Specification EPA Protocol Gas Standards

  • Blend Tolerance within +/-5% for all EPA protocol gases except H2S gas mixture which are +/-10%.
  • All EPA protocols gases are analyzed by procedure G-1(without dilution) have an analytical accuracy of +/-1%.
  • All EPA protocols gases are analyzed by procedure G-2(dilution) will have an analytical accuracy of +/-1%.
  • Whenever possible procedure G-1(without dilution) is the procedure of choice on all EPA Protocols Gas Standards.
  • EPA protocols gas standard precision blending is achieved by using latest gravimetric blending techniques.
  • In India the gases to be used for calibration of instruments & Analyzers used in Environment Auditing, Automobile, etc. should be made strictly compulsory as per following points:
  • All gases used for calibration should be as per EPA Protocol Standards & should be manufactured with procedure G-1 (without dilution).
  • Traceable to NIST with +/-1% Analytical Accuracy & +/-2 to %% Preparation Tolerance.
  • All the Instruments & Analyzers used for Analysis of Gases should be calibrated regularly with fixed numbers of frequency per year and should be calibrated by EPA Protocol Gases only, and this should be controlled by Governmental Authority & by making it compulsory for all.

MODI along with its Business Partners is not only doing the business but also indirectly helps to preserve the Environmental Air by providing the right Products.

The need for low-carbon energy chain is one of the greatest challenges facing society today. One thing is clear-emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide cannot be stopped overnight. However, we can make a start by drastically reducing emissions today. One way of achieving this is by switching to natural gas- an attractive alternative to current energy sources. Natural gas is kept stepping stone on the pathway towards more climate-friendly energy choice for private households, industry and transport. Similar to oil,it is flexible but generates significantly lower levels of CO2. N addition, global reserves of natural gas are set to last much longer than crude oil deposits. Innovative natural gas technologies are thus key enablers in the transition to a zero-carbon economy


The automotive industry is subject to increasingly intense competition. Faced with a tighter squeeze on prices and margins, many manufacturers are moving production to lower-cost countries in the East. So automotive manufacturers need a trusted partner with global delivery capabilities.

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An excimer laser is a multi-gas mixture, dedicated to the generation and /or production of a single wavelength. In order to achieve maximum safety, improve reproducibility, and guarantee optimum laser performance, the use of a premix has become a laser industry standard.

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